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Granny’s Bible Quiz  
(answers are based on scripture used)
Ahab, King of Israel, returned to Samaria brooding and despondent over judgment pronounced by a prophet of the Lord for disobedience in sparing the life of Ben-Hadad, King of Syria. In addition to his palace in Samaria, Ahab also maintained another in Jezreel where Naboth’s vineyard was located.  Each fall at harvest time, families gathered at their respective vineyards setting up tents for temporary living quarters, digging the winepresses, and erecting a watchtower to guard against animals, enemies, and thieves. Further security measures involved constructing a hedge or wall around the property by digging ditches and filling with fencings of posts and branches, and ending with a layer of thorny twigs on top. Since Naboth’s vineyard bordered palace property, Ahab desired the land for a vegetable garden because of its convenience to the palace. His mood lifting somewhat, he went to talk with Naboth about buying the vineyard, and offered to pay him either by cash or by trading a better vineyard for the coveted smaller one. However, Naboth declined the sale, saying that under Jewish law it was generational inherited property.Ahab returned to the castle more crestfallen than ever. When Jezebel, Ahab’s aggressive, Baal-worshipping wife, asked what was wrong, he glumly told her about Naboth’s refusal to sell him the property. Jezebel was livid. She told him to cheer up, get something to eat, and she would get the vineyard for him. Signing Ahab’s name and sealing with his seal, she wrote letters to Jezreel’s town leaders calling for a day of fasting and to put Naboth in the seat of honor. Then have two men of unsavorycharacter to lie, accusing Naboth of blaspheming God and the King, and thus guaranteeing his death by stoning. When all is accomplished and reported back to her, she informs Ahab that Naboth was now dead and to go and take the vineyard. Meekly, Ahab arose and went to claim his ill-gotten gain.In the meantime, God sent the prophet Elijah to the vineyard to confront and tell Ahab that for his wickedness the dogs that licked the blood of Naboth will lick Ahab’s blood as well. He said neither wouldAhab have descendants as all males will be killed. And further, his house will come to the same end as the houses of Jereboam and  Baasha who also caused Israel to sin. When Ahab heard these words, he rent his clothes, put on sackcloth and fasted, slept in sackcloth, and walked about quietly.Though Ahab did more to provoke the Lord than all kings of  Israel before him, yet God  decreed that  he would not bring the evil in Ahab’s time but in  his son’s day, because: a) Ahab had suffered enough through Jezebel’s forgeries and deceit; b) Elijah prayed on Ahab’s behalf; c) Ahab humbled himself  before God and repented of his sinful deed; d) Ahab promised a sin offering at the synagogue next Sabbath. (Answer: I Kings 21:27-29, KJV.)