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05-06-2021 8:12:21 AM EST

We yesterday was a host of unexpected heavy rain and wind.  We wanted to plant our little garden however the weather wouldn't allow it.  We got together with our best friends Ann and Roby and went to the old 64 diner and ate (50, 60's decor) and then came back to our home and watched the movie "Vanished" and I mean it was goooood.  Sher made a apple dumpln for dessert and topped that off ice cream with some coffee and after the movie we just laughed and had a blast about yesteryear and things goin on today.  LOVE IT!


05-04-2021 9:45:06 PM EST

Robert and I and Sher have become really good friends this past year.  He is a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran and was the actual rear tail gunner in the movie "We were Soldier".  Not the actor but the real deal in the re-enactment of that era.  He is also a singer song writer and I am one of his biggest fans.  When he stops by our home, we can sit and talk for hours and when a song comes to mind, he will sing it to us all the way through.  If you go on the front page and click on his picture, you can hear what he wrote and recorded.  He came by and gave us one of the DVD's and it sent cold chills down my back when we watched it together.  Well more tomorrow and when I feel the time is right, I will share with you the day in my life I was pronounced dead.  And later about the 2 times I was on death row.   The Lord saved me and created a new Ron and someday I will tell you about it.  GOD BLESS!


05-03-2021 1:25:59 PM EST

Will not be planting today as the rain is off and on blasting with pretty good winds.  Southmont, High Rock Lake, Denton and T'ville delivered.  The Old 64 Diner will be back open this coming Wednesday with great food and 50 and 60' style decor.  To be honest with you this area never seemed to be under the ether that the news media has been putting out including believing the CDC and Fauci.  I know it is a terrible virus, but I have a hard time believing a little mask can hold back a micro germ and can't figure out why folks that have had a vaccination is still wearing one.

    We just got tornado warnings just south of us and it is gullywashing right now.

    By the way, do you drink coffee and if you do is it with a creamer or black?


05-03-2021 7:20:43 AM EST

Good Monday Morning, May 3, 2021. We will be finishing up delivering to Southmont, High Rock Lake and then on to Denton and T'ville this morning.  It's gonna be a beautiful day and after we are finished we are going to plant our veggies.  When God allows you to wake up, that means he gives you another day to witness his Miracles.  I love sitting on the porch and listening to the beautiful sounds of so many different kinds of birds singing to me.  Our Son and Daughter-in-law bought us steaks and vittles topped of with the most delicious cake in the history of the world Saturday, celebrating Mothers Day a little early.  PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AND LET ME KNOW YOU HAVE READ THIS IS YOU WILL.  I hope you like our new format.


05-02-2021 9:36:21 AM EST
 "I really have had quite a few folks ask me what makes me qualified to be an editor of this paper. I'm certainly not the best Christian that I can be, but I try hard everyday, my education level is the 12th grade in High School 1961, and take no credit for all the folks we reach around the world as that is totally God. Never thought I would have the health (at 77) to deliver all those papers and I praise God for giving me that. Here's my qualifications :
Saved 1975 with Dr. Greg Dixon leading me to the throne
Church bus driver and bus Captain in Greensboro
Taught Sunday School to Elementary
Held Prayer meetings in Florida Street Apts. every Thursday for a year
Involved with Word of Life Youth Ministries for several years
Interviewed a high priest in the c.o.s
Interviewed a Sargent in the Military when he put forth a bill to allow pentagrams be put on Military headstones
Pastored Faith Fellowship for several years
Preached in ; Southern Baptist, Independent Baptist, Freewill Baptist, Pentecostal, Church of God, Assembly of God, Methodist, Christian, Friends (Quaker)
Ordained December 20th, 1987
Have spoke at Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Taught Bible Club at Central Davidson High School
Had a Deaf Ministry of over 40 folks (Sher is an Interpreter)
Went downtown Lexington to Witness on Friday and Saturday's when Young people were allowed to cruise
Singles Ministry
Did 2-4 Rock Seminars a week all over NC and in 6 of our 8 County Schools
Had a Ministry for a couple of years where we took some Youth off of the streets and gave them a place to live
28 years distributing the Word of God with the Plan of Salvation all over the World
All of this by the GRACE of GOD and so thankful he would allow such a being such as I to be use in any way possible. ALL GLORY TO GOD!
This is just a few that I can remember. I hope that helps the ones that asked what we have done to call ourselves a Christian Newsmag for over 30 years."
Watcha think?
Posted on Apr 19, 2021 04:14am.


05-02-2021 9:29:40 AM EST
I have talked with a lot of families and asked them if they have dinner time at the table anymore. So many said they either get a plate and TV tray or just sit in their favorite chair and eat their sandwich or food. TV I guess has pretty much taken over most folks lives and has become a divider in family communication. Other words why even have a dining room table and chairs if it's hardly ever used. Maybe we just need to get back to the basics and create the dinner time again and turn off the TV and maybe some soft music or just talk and remember the good ole days inserted in the conversation. Does that make good sense to you?"