Most powerful words to say and sometimes the hardest even though there is healing that goes along with them. Got into the habit of telling all my family and friends these 3 words when departing wherever we are many years ago. They are words that all of us long to hear but seldom heard. Since most folks go through anxiety or depression which sometimes makes one feel alone and seemingly like they have lost their since of value and feel unneeded. These 3 words can start a process of recovery as to get those words, you must get yourself in the habit of saying them too. There is nobody that doesn't play a very important role in the human race, from a dishwasher to a CEO. None can exist without the other. I have picked tomato's and mushrooms and swept floors as a janitor. We cannot exist without each other's contribution to society. You might say I am retired and have nothing to do. A very fulfilling job at that stage is volunteer to help at a hospital, hospice, and of course Church as they are suffering right now for a lack of folks wanting to help. If you are disabled and can't get out much, then you can have one of the most important jobs in existence - Get in the habit of praying, sometimes that doesn't come easy, but one of the most rewarding. Church meetings can't exist without its prayer warriors. And those words are: I LOVE YOU!!
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