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From the Preacher's Heart

From the Preacher’s Heart 
Why You Ought to Love Your Church  Ephesians 5:25
There are two great institutions on the planet. One is the home and the other is the church. Satan fights both with all he has and his intent is to destroy them both. I have given my life for the betterment of each. I want to speak to you on the subject: Why you ought to love your church.
Jesus admonishes husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church. I hear some say from time to time we love our church. That could be for a number of reasons. I want to give you some real reasons why you ought to love this church.
I. You ought to love this church because of it’s purpose: there are many worthy purposes in this world. Benevolent outreaches have been founded to assist mankind in his struggles. Many of them are worth supporting. The Red Cross, Feed the Children, there are other non-religious groups that are worthy of support. But no organization on earth beats the purpose of the church. For 2,000 years now the church has out performed them all put together. It has done more to change lives, save homes and glorify God than anything else. It and it alone has received “The Great Commission”, go into all the world and preach the gospel, and the gospel is the purpose.
II. You ought to love this church because of it’s position: it stands without apology against Satan and all that is evil. I may be in society, in the government, it may be international. But we have the right and we have the authority to stand against what God says is evil. Making it legal doesn’t make it right. Evil is to be exposed and fought and the church is the army that is to do it. I have no respect for a man who calls himself a preacher and will not stand against what God is against because he has a yellow streak up his back. You ought to love this church because it stands against evil of every kind.
III. You ought to love this church because of it’s precepts: the sole authority and final authority of this church is the King James Bible. It is to govern this church in all of it’s decisions. It is our rule book. A church that operates under any other guidelines is not a church.
IV. You ought to love this church because of it’s proclamation: the proclamation of the world is equality, unity, peace, prosperity, our proclamation is Jesus Saves. And if that ever ceases to be our proclamation, we are washed up. Jesus Saves gives hope, Jesus Saves gives help, Jesus Saves tells you that you are not alone in your battle. Thank God there is someone who cares that can do something about it.
V. You ought to love this church because of it’s passion: a passion to help people. More labor, more time, more talent has been to the world through the church than any other group. Hospitals, disasters worldwide, feeding the hungry, billions are poured into families who need help of all kinds. We have the greatest humanitarian mission in the world, and I am glad I am a part of that.
VI. You ought to love this church because of it’s power: for centuries we have marched across the continents like a mighty army, bringing liberation to millions, our message of the cross has changed the hearts of kings and monarchs and brought freedom to enslaved people.
VII. You ought to love this church because of it’s people: we all have our faults and failures. But the best people on earth are church people. They are the most upstanding people of every community. They are benevolent, law abiding, family supporting, clean living, all around good citizens and fun to be around. If I had to go to jail I would rather be in jail with Roy Watts than anybody. You ought to love this church because of it’s people.
VIII. You ought to love this church because of it’s permanence: you belong to something that will last forever. People join all kinds of movements to do this or that, 95% of them are has beens. But the church through all kinds of trials and persecution rolls on. Give the church a hand somebody. You belong to an institution that will last forever.
IX. You ought to love this church because of it’s potentate: the word potentate means possess great power and authority. Our King is the most powerful in the universe. He is in charge, He is in command, one day the entire world will be brought to it’s knees and acknowledge Jesus for who He is. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.
X. Have you done that? May as well go ahead and do it. Better this side of the grave than the other side.
XI. You ought to love your church more than ever before. Stand together and refuse to let the devil tear it up or destroy it.
 Dr. Glenn Sanford  


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