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From The Wheelchair Preacher 
God’s Favor Luke 1:28

The Bible is a very controversial book. You can take the Bible and prove just about anything if you take the verses out of context. That’s how many false cults get started. They pick out one verse to prove their doctrine. Of course we know that is not the way to interpret the Bible. I suppose in the 50+ years I have studies the Bible and discussed it with people I have heard about every view point. Sometimes there are good men on either side for example, I do not believe in speaking in tongues, but there are some good men who do. I do believe they are saved and love the Lord, but they have mis-interpreted the Scriptures. Our subject for today is a controversial subject. I want to speak to you on the subject God’s Favor. Some believe that God’s Grace is His Favor and there is no favor beyond that. I believe there is Grace and that there are favors beyond His Grace.
I. Favor must be defined: we all know about human favor. How many thing mother or daddy favored a sibling. Now, how many of you were the favored? Anyone ever had classmates who was favored? Anyone ever worked for a boss who favored an employee? Now for some Bible examples.
 1. In Genesis 25:28 the Bible says Rebekah favored Jacob over Esau.
 2. In Genesis 37:3 the Bible says Jacob loved Joseph more than his brethren. 
With that said, I think we all know what favor means. We have seen it all our lives. It is when someone including God chooses to do something extra for a certain person or a certain group. I call it Grace plus. It is like icing on the cake, everyone gets cake, but some get with icing. Some call it being at the right place and the right time. I call it favor. It is having your schedule shifted around by God in order to let things happen in your favor. A devine appointment if you please. I could give you hundreds of true illustrations. A favor is special unmerited attention.
In our text is a great example of God’s Favor. The angel appeared to Mary and said, thou art highly favored. Note with me:
I. A favor is a miracle from God: a miracle is something that takes place that only God could have done. Man could not have arranged it, man could not have planned it, man could not have scheduled it. He could not rip and snort and muster it up. God had to do it. I feel sorry for this generation of Christians. Our kids are growing up without seeing any miracles. When is the last time the young people in this church saw a miracle from God? It is t hat way all over America.
II. God’s Favor is not based on how good you are: you do not earn God’s Favor. Quit trying. I do not believe God chose Mary because she the best little girl in Israel. The Catholic church has made her a patron Saint. She was a sinner just the rest f us. She was a virgin, but not the only virgin in Israel. She was not the only little girl in Israel that loved God. She not the only girl in the bloodline. God’s Favor is not based on  spirituality, if so, David would not have been favored.
III. God’s Favor is not luck or coincidence: the child of God does not need what the world calls luck. We have divine appointments. An all knowing God allows our paths to cross in order to bring about His divine will. The steps os a good man are ordered of the Lord. I could tell you story after story to illustrate this truth.
IV. My life has been filled with favors from God: it would appear to be bragging if I shared some of the favors with you so I will not do so. God knows what they are and He knows I am grateful for all of them. I will share one from Friday. Some of you know I buy and sell golf carts. Frances and I went after a load Friday. The place we go is way out in the country down in SC. I mean in the boonies. I had a fender come loose on my trailer, it was rubbing the tire, a blowout in the making. It  had to be fixed by a welder. I could not go with it like that. The man I carts from said, I have a friend that has a welding machine, he is down that road about half a mile. He called the man, he was home. He welded it, did an excellent job that was a favor from God, not luck.
V. God’s favored me when He called me to preach: thousands of good things have taken place in my life because I am a preacher. I could never have planned such a wonderful life. It is not coincidence: it is not good fortune, it God’s favors.It is Grace Plus.                                                                                                
                Dr. Glenn Sanford