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Sheryl VanLandngham   vancopub@yahoo.com
10-13-2019 8:59:27 AM EST
And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. thank you Lord for this peace and the knowledge that those we love though out of sight, we will see again. Love you Preacher David Davis rejoicing at your homegoing missing you here.

Ramblin with Ron
10-07-2019 2:51:18 PM EST
This is a story about 4 people in the Church whose names were, everybody,somebody, anybody and nobody. The Church had financial responsibilities and everybody was asked to help. Everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it. But you know who did it? Nobody. It ended up that everybody blamed somebody when nobody did what anybody could have done. Then there was a need for some help on the Church grounds and somebody was asked to help. But somebody got angry about that, because anybody could have done it just as well and, after all, it was really everybody's job. In the end the work was given to nobody, and nobody did a fine job, On and on this went, whenever work was to be done, nobody could always be counted on. Nobody visited the sick, nobody gave liberally. Finally the day came when somebody left the Church and took anybody and everybody with them. Guess who was left? NOBODY!

Ramblin with Ron
10-07-2019 6:32:12 AM EST

I will be over here most of the time as some of my messages suddenly morph into (content not available) on facebook. There are 3 types of folks on social media; 1/ The ones that supply content 2/ Readers only 3/ Trolls that are looking to create some type of confrontation. Facebood is a serious addictive thing today as it sucks all the emotions out of a person by replacing them with a yellow round face with ; sad, happy, love, etc. You know longer have to look into someones eyes and see the happiness or sadness or their anger at something, you can't see or share the pain of losing someone you love or want prayer for. Best remedy is go see them or call them and try to stay away from robotic methods. 2 thinks I see invading folks lives (Christian or non Christian) is; it steals your empathy takes away your accountability of family and friends. Hope you leave comments on my posts and the only requirement is keep them clean and foul language free. Let's take our country back and return our morals and show the greatest gift God gave us to use; LOVE!! Love ya'll!

Ramblin with Ron
10-06-2019 8:56:31 PM EST


Southerner Plus
10-01-2019 7:36:58 AM EST


Southerner Plus
10-01-2019 7:35:19 AM EST


Southerner Plus
10-01-2019 7:34:05 AM EST


Southerner Plus
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Southerner Plus
09-30-2019 7:12:17 AM EST

Sometimes the last thing!

Ramblin with Ron
09-30-2019 7:10:29 AM EST


Southerner Plus
09-29-2019 1:14:56 PM EST

That'll learn dern ya!

Southerner Plus
09-28-2019 3:53:59 PM EST


Southerner Plus
09-28-2019 3:52:31 PM EST

Goood recipe idea!

Southerner Plus
09-28-2019 3:51:27 PM EST

I knew it I knew it!!!!

Southerner Plus
09-28-2019 3:50:34 PM EST

The way it's really done!

Southerner Plus
09-28-2019 3:49:29 PM EST


Ramblin with Ron
09-28-2019 3:47:42 PM EST

Oh yea!

Ramblin with Ron
09-27-2019 6:21:57 PM EST


Ramblin with Ron
09-27-2019 6:20:19 PM EST

Scientific fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramblin with Ron
09-27-2019 6:18:46 PM EST


Southerner Plus
09-26-2019 12:50:23 PM EST

Great Medicine!!!!!!!

Southerner Plus
09-26-2019 12:48:32 PM EST

Southerner Plus
09-26-2019 12:46:37 PM EST

Save on the total bill!

Jimmy Johnson    Heavenboundbluegrass@gmail.com
09-25-2019 6:38:13 PM EST

Fall in North Carolina

Southerner Plus
09-25-2019 2:44:34 PM EST

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