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  What Arvie thinks
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What Arvie thinks

writes, "What we can do"
First thing we should do is make an all out effort to bring God back into every part of our lives and instill our Faith in this great Nation.
We should start with the Church's investigating what they can do in their county to be compliant with the law in sharing the Gospel. We use to gather around the Flag Pole at North Davidson High School every Monday morning and pray for God to give them a good week filled with Love and Understanding.
After visiting so many denominations this past couple of years and preaching in many, I was able to gather so much info on how some of them were growing and how some were just maintaining and I found there was a common denominator which actually had little to do with music. Some Church's only sang 2 or 3 congregational songs and maybe one special with no choir.
The ones that were growing fast leaned towards contempory music rather then classic, and when I asked some folks why they attended at some of those meetings, most of them replied they liked the music. That is a serious problem in spreading the Good news to a lost and dying world. You see the emphasis should always be on the preaching and the message and if it isn't that then you might just be there for the entertaining part where there is no accountability on obligation.
The ones that were growing and winning Souls put a lot of effort in serving the community. There are so many folks out there that just need a touch of human contact and someone to listen to them and yes maybe a meal or some groceries. The evil one has an all out attack on the family unit in America and that results in the old #1 rule in war, "Divide and Conquer".
My suggestion is reach a helping hand out to all and practice contacting your own family and letting them know you love them. You see social media is part of the divide and conquer because it is so unsociable and all a person has to do is click on a fake emotion without empathy and it almost makes a person feel like they are in contact which is totally false.
You can't hear the pain and loneliness through social media, you can't experience the joy in one's voice or the hurt and pain.
Hope this helps someone as much as it has me as I started realizing humanity is becoming more mechanical than compassionate.
If you want to respond I have to see it first so I can keep any hackers or bad language off of this blog. Thank you and let me hear your thoughts!


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